Wednesday 13 plays Murderdolls

A DME & MCD presentation by arrangement with TKO:

Wednesday 13 plays Murderdolls 27th October 2024 Opium, Dublin Doors: 6pm | 18+

WEDNESDAY 13 announces UK Headline Tour and Europe support tour CELEBRATING 21 YEARS OF MURDERDOLLS WEDNESDAY 13 and his current band–which features former MURDERDOLLS alumni Roman Surman and Jack Tankersley–will be performing a full set of MURDERDOLLS songs, taken from the band’s celebrated 2002 debut album, ‘Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls’ and their triumphant 2010 return, ‘Women And Children Last’, which won them the Revolver Golden Gods Comeback Of The Year’ Award.*****Amid a 2002 musical landscape full of baggy pants, backwards caps and tracksuit pants rose a metallic glam punk band that defied the prevailing trends and brought back hard and fast rock ’n roll. Murderdolls dug up the corpse of rock, defiled it and injected pure unadulterated undead life back into it. And it was glorious! ‘Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls’ and its successor, ‘Women and Children Last‘ were like nothing else. Fast and dirty, raw and macabre. Drawing lyrical inspiration from classic horror, each tracks is full of tongue-in-cheek horror done to perfection. Led by horror-punk icon, Wednesday 13 and the late great Joey Jordison, Murderdolls slithered their way to the top of the horrendous heights of rock amassing a colossal cult-following along the way. The sinister, sneering vocals, huge hooks, gang vocal choruses, pounding rhythms and some ofthe best riffs ever penned, the Murderdolls wrote songs for arenas and played them in theatres, making their adrenaline-fuelled odes to darkness that much more thrilling.

“After 21 years since its release, and the recent sad and premature passing of Joey, it only feels right to go out and celebrate these songs. We made two amazing albums that I was very proud of, and unfortunately much of the world didn’t get a chance to hear the songs live. In 2018, we all got together at Joey’s house and discussed plans and possibilities for the future, but we both had other immediate plans.

After an amazing run through the US performing these songs, we will now take the tour where the band began in the UK and Europe this October/November. We will be performing tracks from both MURDERDOLLS albums on this upcoming tour and celebrating the legacy of the band. Joining us on a handful of dates in the UK will be Sweden’s Rock n Roll saviours Hardcore Superstar, and we will join them as support throughout dates into Europe. We can’t wait to bring this tour to the UK and Europe later this year.”-Wednesday 13

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