The Wildhearts + Backyard Babies + CKY

The Wildhearts & Backyard Babies will hit Limelight Belfast for a co-headline show on 29th January 2020 with special guests CKY. Only Irish show.


Biography May 2019

For 3 decades The Wildhearts have remained at the forefront of the British rock scene. From their classic debut album ‘Earth Vs’ (voted number one album of the year in Kerrang! back in 1993, and number 20 in the best rock albums of all time in a Kerrang! Special in 2006), through to now with the release of their first full-length studio album in 10 years, their creative output and legendary live shows have been second to none.

Although the 90’s saw the band covered like a living soap opera in the press with tales of sex, drugs, bust ups, fights (both with labels and themselves), splits, more drugs and a lot more controversy (one such incident including entering and then proceeding to trash the Kerrang! Offices!), the recent years have seen the band more focused than ever before and firing on all cylinders.

The Wildhearts and their incendiary shows have cemented their reputation and legacy as one of the best bands the UK has ever produced.

Welcoming back their long-time bandmate and brother Danny McCormack on bass; Ginger and CJ on guitars and vocals, with Ritch Battersby on drums released their ‘Renaissance Men’ on May 3rd to critical acclaim.

“It’s The Wildhearts remembering what they do best” – 9 out 10, hailed Classic Rock, with Metal Hammer saying Renaissance Men is “the best thing they’ve made since their genius / batshit crazy debut, Earth Vs The Wildhearts, back in 1993. Actually, thats not true. It might be better.” While Kerrang! gave the album 4Ks, Planet Rock 5 stars and Vive Le Rock 10 out 10!

The Wildhearts’ classic line up recorded the energetic and diverse ‘Renaissance Men’ at the Treehouse Studio with Jim Pinder. It finds The Wildhearts at their full creative tilt delivering hard-hitting, retooled classic rock with a modern and urgent twist. Bristling riffs and jagged, riotous hooks are their poison and the 10 songs are the perfect manifestation of the band’s immutable wit, charm and righteous anger.

Eliran Kantor (Testament, Iced Earth, Sodom) painted the exceptional album cover for ‘Renaissance Men’ and this honest and irresistible new album is an unequivocal triumph, which encapsulates and distills perfectly The Wildhearts’ live energy. To celebrate the release of ‘Renaissance Men’ The Wildhearts played an intimate 8 date UK headline tour, alongside packed HMV signing sessions and have further live plans throughout the year including festivals, short runs internationally and tiny warm-ups across the UK.

Creatively brilliant, The Wildhearts helped change the landscape of British rock through the 90’s, and to this day they haven’t shown any sign of slowing down. Here’s to the next decade.



For 30 years, Backyard Babies has delivered top of the line rock’n’roll, both live and recorded. The fact that the original four guys that started the band still are playing together, is next to unique.

The new album “Sliver & Gold” was recorded in the classic Park Studios (also known as the “Psych Bunker”) and produced by the legendary Chips Kiesbye (known from Sator among others). Fittingly, the first single from the album – ”Shovin’ Rocks” – is about “30 years of rock’n’roll”.

But let’s take it from the top.


It does not happen much on the music scene in the small town of Nässjö in southern Sweden, where the band is from. Frankly, nothing much at all happens in Nässjö. This is a long time before the internet and smartphones became main staples in more or less every persons life. At this time MTV is the window to the music world outside of Sweden’s (or again, outside the municipality to be honest) borders. For those who like hard rock, the program “Headbangers Ball” is the highlight of the week, where bands such as Guns n Roses, Mötley Crüe and Skid Row dominate the top lists.

The childhood friends Peder Carlsson, Dregen and Johan Blomquist have played in the band

Tyrant for a couple of years. But after agreeing that the band’s singer doesn’t really fit in, they fire him. The replacement? Enter Nicke Borg, who have had his eyes on Tyrant for a while. The new lineup eventually decides to change the name of the band – and Backyard Babies are born.

30 years of rock n roll

The 80’s is a decade when many dream of a rock star life and for most that is exactly what it

remains to be – a dream, however vivid. But Backyard Babies understands that it requires hard work, persistent ”nagging” and a lot of networking to reach the absolute top. The ambition was set high from the very start. The band records demos and they manage to release their first EP

Something to Swallow” on their own. After a few years the band realise that they must make a name for themselves outside their home county.

Nicke, Peder, Johan and Dregen enter a pact – they will breakup with their girlfriends and focus all their energy on the band. They will move to Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. The goal is crystal clear – Backyard Babies shall succeed. They will be rock stars.

In their new hometown, the band quickly builds a life consisting of intense repetition and equally intense partying, whether it’s a weekday or weekend. In Stockholm’s nightlife, they develop new contacts and one thing leads to another. Backyard Babies finally sign a record contract with

Megarock Records and in 1994, they release their debut album – aptly titled “Diesel & Power”.

But in the mid 1990’s, grunge has taken over the rock scene. It will take another few years before Backyard Babies gets their real big breakthrough. With “Total 13” (1998) the audience receives a dirtier, angrier sequel. It hits home, the group collect their first golden record and wipes the floor at the Swedish Grammy Awards that year. The band tours Asia, USA and Europe and manages to support hall of fame icon Alice Cooper.

With ”Making Enemies Is Good” (2001), produced by Thomas Skogsberg, Backyard Babies

further amplify their status as Sweden’s most successful rock band. They get top rankings, one

after the other, the single “Brand New Hate” becomes a hit and they win another Swedish Grammy. The band also performs on a major European tour as main support for AC/DC.

With the radio hits “Minus Celsius” and “A Song For The Outcast”, the band reaches an even wider audience. Both singles receive heavy airplay on the radio as well as frequent screenings on

various tv shows. The album “Stockholm Syndrome” (2003) becomes a success, despite the fact that record sales in general are decreasing. Backyard Babies continues to tour the world, with

Velvet Revolver among others.

The friend and multi-faceted Nicke Andersson (Entombed, The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric, etc.) produce Backyard Babies fifth studio album “People Like People Like People Like Us” released in 2006. A record that sounds exactly as much rock n roll as it should, when

Andersson is behind the levers and knobs. The singles “The Mess Age” and “Dysfunctional Professional” are both highly successful.

Even in the best of families, friction and conflict may arise. Backyard babies – having lived closer to each other than siblings for more than a decade while touring constantly – is no exception. When the self-titled album “Backyard Babies” is released in 2008, many people fear that it will be the band’s last effort. However, there is no trace of exhaustion or weariness. On the contrary, the self titled piece serves up a vital cocktail of songs such as “Fuck Off and Die”, “Abandon” and

“Nomadic” – all loved by fans of the band.

The following year, the band announces that they are taking a break for an indefinite period of time. A career-spanning collection of hits – “Them XX” – will be the swan song before Nicke,

Dregen, Peder and Johan finally ”get divorced”. “Them XX”, which summaries the 20-year history of the band, is also released as a photo book with accompanying CDs and DVDs.


The break proves to be much needed for Backyard Babies. They get the time to develop as musicians and songwriters individually, but also as persons. Dregen and Nicke both find themselves leading solo projects the former even puts out an autobiography in print

Skip forward to 2015 that sees a well rested and energised band make their much awaited comeback with the album “Four By Four” – featuring the single “Th1rt3en or Nothing”. Soon Backyard Babies find themselves back on the road for a two year stint, including touring with none others than Guns N’ Roses.


Three decades later, Backyard Babies finds that the move from Nässjö to Stockholm was just the starting shot. Today, the band has the whole world as their ”play ground”. And if their career is similar to a three course menu, the band has not even covered the main course yet.

“Sliver & Gold” is Backyard Babies eighth studio album, but hardly their last. Energetic and powerful, the band prove that they´re in better shape than ever and most certainly have enough material to last the coming 30 years.

“This time the band joined forces under a shorter amount of time and wrote the most intense and furious album to date with accurate lyrics and trademark riffs.– Nicke Borg

After all these years touring and making music together, we still love what we do. And still we find new ways musically. Sliver & Gold sounds like classic Backyard Babies but with a total new set of spices. And they are damn hot!– Dregen



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