Textures + Exivious + Extremeties

Textures will come to Voodoo Lounge Dublin on November 16th 2017 as part of their ‘Last Miles To The Moon – A Farewell To Textures’ farewell tour alongside special guests Exivious and Extremeties. Tickets €20 on sale this Friday @ 10am from www.ticketmaster.ie & outlets nationwide, www.tickets.ie & Sound Cellar.


Ladies and gentlemen, There is no easy way to say this, so here it is: TEXTURES comes to an end.

Personal motives have led to this decision and it has not been made in haste. These personal reasons made it harder to be the productive band TEXTURES always has been in the past and which this band needs to be. Without this dedication TEXTURES would merely be a shell of what it used to be.

Break-ups are never easy and always bring difficulties. Unfortunately we have to announce that our anticipated 6th album ‘Genotype’ will not be released and so there will be no double album. At least not for the coming years… The break-up of TEXTURES doesn’t mean that there is any hardship within the band. We still have a strong connection with current and former members and this decision won’t lead to any tensions whatsoever. Furthermore the individual bandmembers will continue to make music and persue new musical endeavours. Keep your eyes and ears open…

Thanks to all the friends, fellow musicians and other colleagues we have had the pleasure to meet along the way. And of course special thanks to all the fans who have supported us throughout the years. It is your dedication, appreciation and continued presence at our shows all over the world that made this journey one to remember for a lifetime.

We hope to see you all very soon on our farewell tour.



TEXTURES BIOGRAPHY – Last Miles to the Moon for Textures

In 2003 TEXTURES enters the scene with a radical and fairly uncommon concept at that time: the sextet skips the demo-phase entirely and releases their debut-album Polars independently on a professional level and with that TEXTURES becomes the first Dutch Do It Yourself band: management, album/merch artwork, music videos, studio reports and a full-length album recorded in a self-built studio; everything in full control of band.

In 2004 the band proudly received the Essent Award for most promising talent.

After that the tiger was out of the cage. TEXTURES immediately storms international clubs and festivals and shares stages with bands like Slipknot, Machine Head, Arch Enemy, Avenged Sevenfold, Opeth, Sepultura, Meshuggah and Rammstein. In 2006 TEXTURES takes the – then fairly unknown – French band Gojira with them on their very first tour outside of France. After releasing three albums (including highly acclaimed 3rd album Silhouettes) through Listenable Records, TEXTURES seriously steps up their game as they sign a worldwide recorddeal with Nuclear Blast for their 4th album ‘Dualism’ (2011) and 5th album ‘Phenotype’ (2016). In the meantime TEXTURES gets worldwide credits as co-founder of the new-born metalgenres ‘”mathmetal” and “djent”.

TEXTURES displays their sophisticated, modern metal on numerous tours and by a miraculous coincidence the band becomes – not big in Japan – but big in India. The band headlines shows in Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and Calcutta with crowds of 10.000 people. After five studio albums with many European tours, a lengthy run through the USA, Mexico, Canada and Russia the mileage counter shows – in total – 330.000 travelled kilometers (205.052 mi). Will TEXTURES reach the illustrious total distance from the earth to the moon; 363.000 km (225.558 mi) on their farewell tour?


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