Night Demon

US heavy metal outfit Night Demon come to Dublin’s On The Rox on 14th November 2017. €12 on the door.

Night Demon: One of the hardest working heavy metal bands around, Night Demon bring their classic sound to Scotland for the first time! Formed in 2011, they began with a self-titled EP in 2012, then 2015 brought the full-length Curse of the Damned, and now they’ve just released the killer new album Darkness Remains. They’ve spent most of their time over the last few years touring just about everywhere – all across the USA, all around Europe, Mexico, South America, pretty much every cool festival you’ve always wanted to go to… And now they bring their old-school excellence to Dublin!

For fans of Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, Flying V guitars, and true metal!

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