Kreator + Arch Enemy + Shining w/Marty Friedman


There are tour packages that literally scream “this is f****n` massive!!!“ before said tour even kicks off! This is definitely such a case – a colossal line up that will beam lovers of extreme music to the seven heavens. German thrash metal giants KREATOR are leading the true “hordes of chaos“ throughout the UK alongside the new line up from ARCH ENEMY!

With the release of “Endless Pain”, KREATOR established Germany as a thrash nation in 1985 almost single-handedly and continued throughout the following years to keep a whole subgenre fresh via their own “Violent Revolution”! In 2012, KREATOR released the classy and ultimately heavy “Phantom Antichrist“ which brought the band superb chart entries and sold-out venues all over the planet. This triumphant march has recently been immortalized in shape of the live package „Dying Alive“.

Frontman and icon Mille Petrozza comments: “A lot of our European fans voiced their discontent over the fact that the band hardly does European club tours – apart from our festival shows. In 2013 we were mainly busy playing for our fans overseas. We want to change this now. In time for the reissues of “ENDLESS PAIN”, “PLEASURE TO KILL” and “EXTREME AGGRESSION” in all kinds of formats – finally on vinyl again too – we`ll end the PHANTOM ANTICHRIST tour cycle in Europe with a massive string of shows. This will be your last chance to see KREATOR live in clubs for quite a while, because we`ll be busy working on a new album in 2015 and only play carefully selected shows. Right now we`re working on a new multimedia stage show and we`ll also have a bunch of surprises in the setlist. Our friends of ARCH ENEMY are part of the trek to present their new album “War Eternal“. This tour will be KILLER!!!“

ARCH ENEMY have just injected some fresh blood into their ranks: growler extraordinaire Angela Gossow has been replaced by the equally powerful Alissa White-Gluz! Have no fear, dear fans – the band that brought us one melodic death metal anthem after the other with landmark releases such as “Rise Of The Tyrant“ (2007) and “Khaos Legions“ (2011) is stronger than ever. Just check out the brand new video for “War Eternal”: a masterful combination of raw shredding and lush melody lines only ARCH ENEMY could pull off in such an elegant fashion! The full album – also entitled “War Eternal” – will be upon us June 2014.

ARCH ENEMY’s founder, guitarist/chief-songwriter Michael Amott comments: “Yes, what a great tour! We’ve wanted to tour with KREATOR for the last ten years and now it’s finally happening! KREATOR was one of the bands that inspired me to play faster and harder when I grew up and I’m happy to call Mille Petrozza a friend for quite a few years now. This tour is a real metal onslaught, the kind of show you don’t want to miss. We’re excited as hell to be a part of it and looking forward to showing the fans the damage that the re-energized ARCH ENEMY is capable of in 2014!“