Eternal Champion + Old Season

US metal heroes Eternal Champion come to Grand Social, Dublin on May 26th 2022. Special guests Old Season.

Originally formed in Austin, Texas in 2008, ETERNAL CHAMPION have gained massive popularity in the five years since their debut album (with over one million combined YouTube views). What makes the band so appealing is their unique mix of pure fantasy “epic” metal along with straight NWOBHM riffs that occasionally lean into punk – no doubt helped by the influences of guitarist Blaze Ibanez (also lead guitar for POWER TRIP). Jason Tarpey adds an additional element of uniqueness with a voice that feels like a combination of Ozzy Osbourne and GHOST vocalist Tobias Forge. Their second album ‘Ravening Iron’, released in November 2020, showcased a step forward in their musical maturity and a promise of even bigger and better things to come.

Jason Tarpey – Vocals Blaze Ibanez – Guitars John Powers – Guitars Brad Raub – Bass Arthur Rizk – Drums


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