Destruction + Shrapnel + Lost Society + Evil Invaders

In Weil am Rhein in Germany, back in 1983, drummer Tommy, guitarist Mike and bassist / vocalist Schmier founded a band which was going to become a legend in Thrash Metal history: DESTRUCTION. After signing a contract with SPV Records, the first Destruction release was an MLP entitled “Sentence Of Death” (1985).

One year later Destruction had their first success in the international metal scene as they toured in Europe with legendary Thrash Metal Gods Slayer. At the end of the year, the LP “Infernal Overkillwas published and Destruction was invited to play at the World War III Festival in Montreal, Canada. Destruction proved to be Europe’s leading Thrash Metal band, successful concerts in Germany and abroad were played making the fans become more and more. 

The LP „Eternal Devastationwas released in 1986 and a headliner tour with Kreator and Rage was made right after. In early 1987, drummer Tommy left the band and was replaced by Olly, as well as Harry became part of the band as second guitarist. Later that year, the MLP “Mad Butcher” was released. After their tour through the US, South America and South Europe, their third LP “Release From Agony” was released in 1988. This album differs from what the band has made so far, as it is influenced by the new band members. 

In Winter 88/89, Destruction went on tour for several festivals and a Europe tour with Motörhead, while press and audience were rather sceptical concerning their latest LP. 

The first live LP, “Live Without Sense”, was released during their US Tour. When recording the fourth LP „Cracked Brain in 1989, Schmier decided to leave destruction, and thus „Cracked Brain“ was released in 1990 featuring guest singer André (Poltergeist).

The years passed, until the two members Mike and Schmier decided to reanimate Destruction along with Sven, the new drummer due to the incredible demand by both press and fans. They had their comeback at the biggest festivals in Germany: Bang Your Head, With Full Force, and Wacken. One year later, in 2000, they came up with the new album “All Hell Breaks Loose!

DESTRUCTION were back!

After having released several records over the years, in 2011 they released their album “Day Of Reckoning!

“We wanted this record to sound pure and fresh!” says mainman Schmier “The direction was clear from the start, fast-picking dominating thrash riffs combined with in-your-face songs and vocals!” 

Commented Schmier: “If you think DESTRUCTION is an old band, this album will prove you wrong! The speed & energy combined with a basic, fresh and aggressive production, will make this record an outstanding classic of our long discography – you don’t believe me? Buckle up and have a listen then!”

Still consisting of the core line-up of Schmier and Mike, DESTRUCTION hired a new relentless machine-like drummer; With Vaaver (ex-UNSUN) by their side, the Trio kicks more ass than ever. The band also invited some guest musicians to take part in “Day Of Reckoning”.

“Ol Drake from EVILE did such a fantastic job when he jumped in for Mike last year (the guitarist broke two fingers of his left hand) that we had to invite him to jam some leads on the record. If we would ever consider working with a second guitarist again it has to be him!” Schmier states.

Perfectly and powerfully recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, MAROON, NEAERA, COMMUNIC…) “Day Of Reckoning” marks another highlight of the long running successful career of the legend that is DESTRUCTION.