Decapitated + Signs Of The Swarm + Harbinger

*Update* Decapitated will now come to do their 25th anniversary shows on March 30th (Limerick) and 31st (Dublin) so you don’t have too long to wait! The Dublin show is now at Opium (formerly The Village). Support now comes Signs Of The Swarm & Harbinger. All existing tickets are valid and remaining tickets are now back on sale. Let’s do this!
Vogg has this to say:
“I still remember it like it was yesterday… 22 years ago, our first ever UK tour, straight after Winds of Creation was released. We’d been touring with Lock up and Corporation 187. That was the first time we played for fans in England, and they called us the “helicopter band” because we would windmill for the entire set. It was a really great time for us, and we received a warm welcome in every town. That’s why I am grateful that Decapitated can come back to the UK/IRL, which are almost like our second homes when we talk about the metal scene. We can’t wait to smash some venues we haven’t played for years, like The Underworld in London, which is legendary, plus visiting completely new places like Bridgend, Milton Keynes and Hull, where we have never played before. Prepare for more songs from our old catalogue, Nihility and Winds of Creation. Prepare for death metal madness, and let’s celebrate it all together like we always did. See you soon friends!”


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