Death DTA ’20 Years Of Symbolic’ + Abysmal Dawn + Loudblast

On sale Friday 3rd October @ 9am!

DEATH DTA – Symbolic Tour to hit Europe in spring 2015!

In his teenage years he laid an entire genre‘s foundation virtually single-handedly and left seven essential studio releases to posterity, making him a living legend and immortalizing his name and legacy after his passing in 2001: death metal‘s godfather Chuck Schuldiner with his trailblazing combo DEATH.

Coming February and March, DEATH DTA – the official tribute to Chuck and DEATH featuring former members – will set sail from the U.S. in order to pay homage to Schuldiner‘s ingenuity and revive his oeuvre‘s magic over the course of the 20th anniversary of the legendary Symbolic album in selected European cities. The top-class all-star line-up will consist of two original members from Symbolic times – namely drummer Gene Hoglan (TESTAMENT) and guitarist Bobby Koelble – as well as of vocalist/guitarist Max Phelps (CYNIC) and bassist Steve Di Giorgio (TESTAMENT, SADUS).


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