Courtesans + Vendetta Love

Courtesans will come to On The Rox, Dublin on Friday 27th July alongside guests Vendetta Love. Tickets on sale Friday 27th April priced €12.


In a world full of bankers, hipsters, fanatics, politicians and keyboard warriors, Courtesans are the equivalent of suicidal unicorns on smack, they are the jelly babies full of boiled bovine bones that children devour joyfully, they are the duck down you sleep on providing comfort that turns into memories of the last minute its original owner was alive.

Their songs might make you feel like a diabetic on thirty doughnuts blended with the bittersweet feelings of a prisoner on death row having his favourite last meal.

Their music is pop lying on the train tracks.

The band’s EP “Better Safe than Sober” was released March 31st, 2017


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